Eminem, most liked on Facebook to top Gaga

Today, Eminem became the most liked living artist on Facebook, topping Lady Gaga.

Slim Shady has earned a whopping 28,883,000 likes, whereas Gaga has elicited 28,872,000, as of this writing.

And those numbers are changing as I type, in that the stats alter from one moment to another. In fact, Famecount.com reports that  ‘Eminem currently gets about 500,000 likes a day.’

The calculating site announces that ‘if the trend continues, [Eminem] could surpass the most liked artist ever [on Facebook]: Michael Jackson.

But this isn’t the only social networking site to like Eminem. In fact, YouTube is vitually enthused with the hip-hop artist, giving him one billion hits on such tunes as Not Afraid and Love The Way You Lie.

Two others have surpassed the one billion hit mark on YouTube: Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, the latter of whom is the most viewed of all time. This teen sensation from Canada, who had his start on this video-oriented site, owns some 1.3 million views.

But back to Eminem.

His accomplishment on Facebook and YouTube in which he surpasses Lady Gaga — at least on FB — is perhaps best summed up best by Hip Hop DX who says:

‘As someone whose popularity is rooted in sentiments of the anti-popular, Em’s emergence as the social media king seems almost counter-intuitive.’

Source: Examiner

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