Juelz Santana Confirms Deal With Interscope

Harlem’s mighty rap collective The Diplomats have been teasing a potential deal with industry veteran Jimmy Iovine and his Interscope label since last year. Now, it looks like things are a little more certain. Group member Juelz Santana claimed the deal is a go in a recent interview with Ozone Magazine.

“It’s back to live action, it’s back to doing what we do best,” Santana explained in the interview. “We got the deal with Interscope. Shout-out to Jimmy Iovine. I’m sure people seen the pictures up of us and Dr. Dre, so, you know, we’ve done records with Dre. That was a beautiful experience. Dre had Jim [Jones] in the booth for like an hour and a half.”

The group’s association with Dr. Dre is exactly what led fans to speculate that a deal with Interscope was imminent for the group’s highly-anticipated comeback album that’s thought to be the third installment of its ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ series. Jim Jones likened his experience recording tracks with Dre to returning to school and claimed that the new deal and opportunities are pushing the group to work hard.

“It was like school in there,” he told MTV News. “It’s like real rap school when you’re in the booth with him. You either feel like you’re getting better or a student.”

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