Why did Twitter suspend UberTwitter?

Do you like to tweet from your blackberry? I don’t use Twitter that much but I do facebook so this update made me worried. I was worried that my facebook mobile might be taken away sometime since this happened on Twitter. UberTwitter was suspended along with a couple of other applications.

UberTwitter was just recently suspended from Twitter. There are thousands of users that put this application to work so there were more than a couple people trying to figure out what was going on. Twitter posted an update that let users know why they were having problems logging in a short time after suspension. It is believed the UberTwitter is going to be back after it makes some changes.

One of the reasons that this application was zapped was because of their infringement on their trademark. They were pressured to take Twitter out of their name. It is believed that they are going to comply so they can get back into play. UberTwitter is supposed to become UberSocial.

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