Hosni Mubarak resigns, hands over power in Egypt

Egypt’s Vice President Omar Suleiman announced Friday that Hosni Mubarak is stepping down from his 30-year reign as president. This announcement runs contrary to Mubarak’s televised speech Thursday night stating that he would remain in office until his term ended in September.

“Because of the current circumstances in the country the president, Hosni Mubarak, has decided to step down, and the higher command of the army is taking control of the country,” said Suleiman. An unconfirmed report has stated that Mubarak left Cairo and is currently residing at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.
The immediate reaction after Mubarak’s speech explaining his plan to stay president was not positive. USA Today reported that some of the protestors in Tahrir Square made their way towards the state TV building and the palace.

“Mubarak, game over … We want to him to step down. We don’t trust him anymore, and the problem is not Mubarak. The problem is the gangsters around him,” said one protestor in a CNN article.
To see the video and transcript of Mubarak’s speech from Thursday night click here.

President Obama is expected to comment on Mubarak’s departure at 3:00 pm ET.