Homeless Man With “Golden Voice” Offered Job With The Cleveland Cavaliers

An ex-radio announcer who had fallen on hard times was given another opportunity earlier this week, when he was contacted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  A few weeks ago, Ted Williams stood homeless by a Columbus Ohio Highway sign and demonstrated his smooth baritone voice in exchange for change so that he could have money to eat.

That all changed when one of the motorist uploaded a video of Ted to youtube which has gained over 4 million views (in 2 days).  He was then invited to the studios of WNCI, contacted by ESPN and MTV and offered 10,000 bucks to do voiceover work at a Pennsylvania radio station.

While doing a radio interview for WNCI, a rep for the Cleveland Cavaliers called in and he was offered a full time job doing voiceover work.  They have also offered him mortgage on a home.

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