Bangladesh Talks Lil’ Wayne & Cory Gunz’s “6’7” Bars

SOHH talked to the track’s producer, Bangladesh, to get the scoop on his thoughts surrounding the Young Money banger.

In addition to addressing the comparisons to Wayne’s 2008 hit, “A Milli,” Bang also discussed the comparisons of the rapper’s verses to the track’s other featured artist, Cory Gunz.

“I think the industry just talks like that,” Bang told SOHHreferencing “A Milli” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” comparisons. “You want to out-do your greatest. If his greatest was something else, ‘It’s better than this’ or ‘it’s 10 times better than that.’ You always want to out-do your greatest so ‘A Milli’ is the standard you want to reach. So you know, it’s ‘A Milli’ on steroids. I think that’s a great thing. You want to over achieve what you already did. [Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz] are both jamming. There’s no favorite [or who’s better]. Wayne’s different than Cory Gunz and Cory Gunz is Cory Gunz. I don’t really compare great rappers. Obviously one is bigger than the other, but they’re on the same team so it be the media that’s always trying to make the difference in the two. ‘Who’s better?’ It’s not really about that, they’re both good. I would buy both albums [if the song was featured on both their LP’s] for two different reasons. They’re not the same. You can’t compare what’s not the same.” (SOHH)

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