Jordan Evolution ’85 – Black – Varsity Red – White

This Jordan Evolution ’85 – Black – Varsity Red – White is the master piece creation by Jordan which gives a unique blend of color way, this is a basket ball trainer shoes which has two straps for the ankle and the forefoot. This shoe is a favorite of Dwyane Wade, this shoe was worn by him during the NBA seasons. The most beautiful feature of this shoe is the color combination which gives a different look to the shoes. The designer has placed the colors in a unique combination which is a common preference by the customers. This shoe is made to give absolute comfort to your feet.This shoe is made with quality leather for longer durability and comfort, the top sole of the feet is black in color with a different black color variations.

The lace pad of the shoe is perfectly matched with the body color.  The lace of the shoe is led by red lace holders, which gives striking contrast with black. The mid sole of the shoe is black in color with a red design at the side of the mid sole. The Jump man logo of the shoe is placed on the front side of the shoes. There are some red designs on the side of the ankles. The Jordan Evolution ’85 – Black – Varsity Red – White is the perfect basket ball shoes which you can add in your collection. This shoes is very funky and goes well with all the different attires and adds a new look on your feet

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