Was Chris Brown Snubbed By The American Music Awards?

Last night many Chris Brown fans who were upset that Chris Brown lost the “Best Male R&B” Award to Usher.  According to the twitter page of Neon Limelight, a pop culture site that was backstage at the award show, Chris Brown was scheduled to receive the award, but when it was announced, the honors went to Usher. They wrote:

Guys! We are sooooo sorry! This teleprompter backstage had Chris’ name on it!

It even said he couldn’t be there to accept! Something shady just went down! So sorry guys!

I’ve been reading the prompter all night and it was announcing winners correctly. This is the only time it was wrong? #shade!!!

Justin Bieber’s name was on the prompter for this award…and he won. How is the Male R&B award the only that wouldn’t be right? #shade

We can’t apologize enough #TeamBreezy. For those who have been following us for a long time, you know how much we love Chris, so we were

As excited as you guys. And to see it not pan out when his name was there TWICE? Upsetting. Disheartening. Seriously.

Chris Brown’s fans weren’t the only ones in an uproar last night over the Award show winners. Lady Gaga’s Monsters were disappointed when she lost the “Artist of the Year” Award to Justin Bieber. Via Israel Hernandez twitter (friend of Gaga):

I am disgusted at @ABC for what they did to @ladygaga tonight.

I’m sure that I sure the same disgust with some of you against @ABC for giving that award to @justinbieber

I think @justinbieber is an amazing kid with great talent. It’s not his fault.

According to a screen cap of an email message sent by her manager Troy Taylor, she was suppose to win, but they gave it to Justin Bieber instead because he was at the show.

Some of the fans were worried that Chris Brown has been blackballed but it seems as though the AMA’s has a “you snooze, you lose” policy. If you don’t show up, they will gladly give the award to someone else.

Trey Songz fans also felt as though he should have won the “Best Male R&B” Award.

Necole Bitchie