Verizon airs first iPad commercial

Verizon has just released its first iPad commercial. We expected a blitz of ads, so it is somewhat strange that the carrier waited this long to air this ad.

The ad is called “Breakaway” that features a man using the iPad and Verizon’s MiFi (no built-in 3G on the Verizon iPad, remember?) to break down the walls of his unfurnished home, ending up on a bluff in a plastic chair, with a “magical” vista.

Introducing iPad, on Verizon. All the magic of iPad, all the nationwide power and reliability of Verizon.

While not, perhaps, as portable as the AT&T version, with 3G built-in, the Verizon iPad / MiFi combo offers the ability to use the MiFi with four other devices, at the same price as the AT&T version. Not a bad deal, really, if you don’t mind carrying the MiFi with you.