New traffic cam can check your insurance, license fees, and safety belt, as well


Looks like Speeders can’t catch a break nowadays. Now, not only can an automated camera snap pictures of you speeding by, it can also check for insurance and license fee violations, and more, as well.

The system, called ASSET for Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport, is being funded for around £7 million or $11.36 million. It’s currently being tested in Finland, and if successful, is expected to be deployed across Europe beginning in 2013, with each unit costing £50,000 or $81,000.

ASSET takes a number of images, and uploads them to a database where its examined for violations. Not only does it check whether you have your insurance up to date, it can see if you are wearing your seat belt, and even if you’re tailgating.

Small wonder that it’s dubbed ASSET, as it will be adding ASSETs to the bottom line of any country its used in.

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