Not voting Today? Roland Martin advises then to ‘Shut the Hell up’ (Video)


Roland Martin is a commentator for CNN and heard nationally on the radio. Today, on CNN he was talking passionately about the reasons to vote and why it is so important. Of course we could be preaching forever, but what Roland said made us all laugh out loud as he is a political commentator and a celebrity when it comes to the cable news network.

In a five minute segment with Ali Velshi, Martin talked about how important it was to vote and how it impacted our local community even if we aren’t deciding a Presidential race. He also took to the point how we have man and woman defending this right which has people longing to be part of this opportunity. That doens’t sound funny, now does it? Well the funny part is when he talked about his philosophy for those who don’t vote.

‘My Philosophy is if you don’t vote then shut the hell up.’

The video has it at 3:10 and he says it again later in the segment after talking about the civil rights movement and how important this right was to everyone who lives in our country.

As much as we admire Roland Martin, this segment made us laugh. He passion and purpose of the subject was so raw and real it reminded us how much we take for granted. So may we suggest that you vote on Tuesday so your moaning can be heard loud and clear?

We couldn’t make this up as it is too funny. Watch the video below.

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