Lupe Fiasco Defends MTV Blast

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has justified his recent rant against MTV after the network playfully taunted his career and offered a Top 10 list of ways for him to become successful. Last week, Lupe questioned the network for their joke despite having a good relationship with them.

According to Lupe, the renowned music network has a distorted view of him.

“They did a story before which was ‘Lupe Fiasco: What Happened,’ and it was kinda like, ‘F*ck you mean what happened?,’ like, what are you talking about,”

Lupe told radio host Angela Yee in an interview.

“I kinda let it go because I know those dudes, personally, so it’s like, why y’all letting these stories come out like this? … It was bias. If it was unbiased, then you should have reported on the protest and that’s as unbiased as you could possibly be and just tell the story directly. Get Atlantic Records’ half and get my half and put it together. Don’t put it on me like I’m just this little monster who don’t want to listen to my A&R because you honestly don’t know what the story is, so they just kinda caught me in a bad place when they came out with the second story which was like the ’10 Reasons For Lupe Fiasco To Be Successful.’ You can’t dictate what success is to me. You don’t know what I have, materially, you don’t know what I’ve achieved. When they wrote the story, I was on my way to being principal for the day at my old grade school on the west side of Chicago. Why ain’t you talk about that, that’s success.”

(Team Yee TV)