Antoine Dodson – Sex Offender Tracker App

Antoine Dodson’s real anger and passion presented in his proclamation on camera to the criminal that attacked and tried to rape his sister, won America over. The “Brooklyn Brothers,” Pearl Gabel and James Faneli, further made his words a phenom, by turning Antoine’s proclomation into a hip hop sensation titled “The Bed Intruder Song.” Since then Antoine Dodson has grown such a following, that he is being offered many opportunities, appearances, performances, and multiple interviews.

His latest opportunity is pitch man for a new tracking application called “Sex Offender Tracker.” We have gotten such a  good laugh over the past couple of months from the Bed Intruder Song, that many think the commercial is a new spoof! WELL, this is a real (Fa Real) product available to all! Although the application that Antoine is promoting is only a mere $1.99 and 5% of your purchase goes to, the same type of application is available for FREE on Android and IPhones!

BASICALLY, the commercial leads you to believe if your in a public location, the mapping application can identify registered offenders that may be lurking around you at that very moment. Although, it is very useful in identifying through photo, name, age, and residence all known sex offenders, who by law have to remain actively registered with current address or go to jail! Do not fret if you don’t have the following phone types, this information is always freely provided to you on the internet. Visit your area’s local police department’s website to view the current list of sex offenders.

After testing the product’s mapping capability, for the area of Beaufort and surrounding areas, Los Angeles, and Killeen, Tx, it is highly reccommended for free or paid application.  They are both simple, quick, and convenient to use. You can customize your settings to search within as little as one mile or throughout the entire city and even any other state. Once your distance preference is selected you will see the list with pictures of registered offenders, ages, and their addresses. You can also view by map, where the offenders are represented by colored dots at their registered address. There are other convenient services available in this application such as GPS, and Family locator. You can see the video commercial Antoines Sex Offender Tracker commercial.

Coming from a childhood victim of molestation,OBVIOUSLY this is an important and necessary security resource. For your Android phone visit AndroLib By for more info or simply access the “Market” from your phone and search. For IPhone visit also by

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