Lupe Says “Don’t Stop” Is Two Years Old

Two days ago, Kanye released the CRS track “Don’t Stop” as the latest G.O.O.D. Friday leak. Lupe tells MTV that the track was recorded two years ago while he, Kanye, and Pharrell were experimenting with their group’s sound direction.

“That song is like a song that we did in the midst of being CRS when we were actually going to put out an album and just really wanted to test records and see if we should do more records like that, or should we do more records like ‘Us Placers’ or … more down-low records, up-top records. We were just trying to figure out what should we do and that was one of the experiments that was bananas.”

Lupe also said  that he’s not sure what the MCs plan to do with the CRS project next. Until that is figured out Lupe’s L.A.S.E.R.S album  is due out March 8th 2011 his  first single will be released October 26 via his website.


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