A Pregnant Mariah Carey falls on stage while performing in Singapore (Video)

Hitting the deck: Carey laughs as a backing dancer helps her to her feet

A seemingly pregnant Mariah Carey, while performing in Singapore at the Formula 1 Singtel Grand Prix event, stumbled and fell on stage over the weekend while singing her 1990s song “Make It Happen.” Mariah Carey didn’t appear to hurt, however, as her backup dancers were quick to help the singer to her feet.

Despite the tumble, Mariah still managed to dial up her inner diva.  At one point in the performance, Carey instructs someone to come out and “take these shoes off me.”  Out springs a woman, who happily tends to Carey’s request.

To the left, watch an excited (and expecting–let’s just be honest, Nick) Mariah Carey slowly fall to the ground with a smile before summoning a stagehand to remove her shoes.

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