Kanye’s New Album Titled “Dark Twisted Fantasy”?

Kanye West’s “Power” music video director Marco Brambilla has made claims that he knows the title of the rapper’s new upcoming project.

According to Brambilla, the new album is going to be called Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“That’s exactly what I like about his music. It’s the anti-Tiger Woods moment, you know? This [‘Power’ video] is really about that. The new album is very personal, too, and the various tracks on the album suggest things that have happened to him. This is the most epic track. It was a really great opportunity to show a moment of defiance and a moment of self-awareness. It’s that combination that he has as an artist that’s very peculiar…I’ve heard Dark Twisted Fantasy is the latest name. I would say not locked-in, and it would probably not get locked until closer to the time of the album release.”

Last month, the Chi-Town artist tweeted that the album title would be changed from his original Good A** Job.

“The album is no longer called “Good A** Job” I’m bouncing a couple of titles around now,” Kanye West revealed via his new Twitter page on Wednesday (July 28