BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unveiled in New York

The Blackberry Torch, also known as the Blackberry 9800 slider, was unveiled today in New York by RIM. The new Blackberry will compete with the iPhone with touchscreen functionality and a keyboard that slides out of the phone. There are many other features RIM is touting with the new product including integrated social feeds and an enhanced browsing experience.

David Yach, CTO of RIM, has stated that the BlackBerry Torch and 6 is all about apps apps apps. Yach is going over apps on BlackBerry 6. Their goals were threefold, says Yach: 1) Make easier for people to find apps. 2) Make it easier for people to BUY apps. 3) Make it easier for developers to develop apps.
Another big focus of the Torch is enhanced “media experiences” on the BlackBerry including features, such as.
  • BlackBerry is also introducing a new gesture: the “two finger tap.” Users can now make multiple selections (i.e. choose multiple pictures at once).
  • The camera will name pictures based on location. You can organize them by location, and search by location.
  • RIM has added a podcast feature to let users browse, download, and listen to podcasts–all wirelessly.
  • Finally, there’s WiFi music sync: “Beyond the individual songs, you can see your entire library of music on your device and at the same time, browse it, search it, and tag songs for synchronization at a later point in time.”

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