BP Admits to “Altering” Oil Spill Images…. After Getting Caught…Again


Ok, Ok…. so thats NOT the photo BP actually released. Here’s the real photo below…


It took them getting caught manipulating images TWICE before they decided to come clean about altering images to present what I’m guessing is a stringer response to the initial explosion and oil spill crisis. This whole incident kind of reminds me of a kid that has to get caught red handed, multiple times before even admitting they did something wrong. But finally, BP has acknowledged their practice of photoshopping some of the official images of their Deepwater Horizon clean-up efforts, and has vowed to stop manipulating photographs going forward. They’ve also created a Flickr account where you can see the unaltered originals.

The issue surfaced two days ago, when Americablog first unearthed a doctored photo of BP’s crisis command center. Yesterday, we posted the clearly photoshopped picture of the helicopter cockpit above. A third previously undiscovered manipulation of the Sim Ops room also shows up on the Flickr page.