Oil Leak Stopped! We Can Now Resume OVER Consumption…

BP holding someone at "Gunpoint" with a gas pump

Finally! Yesterday for the first time BP  has managed to cap the flow since the blowout on April 20 which has caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

If you couldn’t do the math quick enough its been nearly 3 months of oil continuously gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at an alarming rate. Lets take a look at the final numbers…Since April 21st when it was reported that NO oil was leaking, oil has been pouring into the ocean at a rate of at least 35,000 US barrels a day – a total of 3,010,000 barrels. That is 105,266,671 gallons – enough to fill 191.4 Olympic swimming pools, nearly five times.

Because of this sensational act of heroism BP’s stock shares have started to Rally from its all-time lows. Now that the bad part is over, we can now focus on the WORSE part. The Billion dollar clean up, the invaluable environmental  loss, etc…etc… But will this effect our oil consumption? Will we finally learn from our mistakes by even recognizing the full costs of our unreasonable oil consumption and attempt to change our ways? I do believe it does lie in the hands of the consumer, but more in  the hands of big business es who posses the resources and technology to improve the products we use.

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