Two Beatles among artists contributing to new CD to benefit tsunami victims

Music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and a host of other famous names, including Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, Ray Charles, Ani DiFranco, Avril Lavigne and the Blind Boys of Alabama, is featured on a newly released CD with proceeds earmarked to help people in Southeast Asia affected by the devastating tsunami in 2004.

“Aid Still Required” is available on iTunes and as a physical CD or mp3 download on The disc has received the endorsement of former President Clinton’s United Nations Office for Tsunami Recovery.

“We’ve all seen it. Money pours in when a disaster first occurs. But then the world’s attention turns to other matters and the real work of rebuilding goes underfunded. I’m involved with this project because it will help thousands restore their lives in a sustainable manner,” said Bonnie Raitt in an announcement about the project.

“We deeply value this project,” stated a letter from President Clinton’s office. “Not only will it raise much needed capital … it will serve to sustain public awareness of the ongoing need for aid in the area.”

In addition to the regular edition, a deluxe eco-edition of the CD is available for purchase for $15.00. Also, a monthly contribution program that allows participants to donate a minimum of $10 per month to support the several causes ASR supports is available through the website. Those causes currently include the tsunami, Darfur and Hurricane Katrina recovery in New Orleans. Members receive the deluxe CD free, shipping included.

For more information on “Aid Still Required,” visit

The complete tracklist of the “Aid Still Required” CD:

  • Paul McCartney  – “Let It Be” (live, from the “Back in the U.S. Live 2002” album)
  • John Lennon – “Bless You”
  • Eric Clapton  – “Bell Bottom Blues” (live)
  • Maroon 5  – “She Will Be Loved” (live)
  • Avril Lavigne  – “Nobody’s Home” (live)
  • Bonnie Raitt   – “Something to Talk About” (live)
  • James Taylor  – “Up on the Roof” (live)
  • Shawn Colvin  – “Fall of Rome”
  • Phantom Planet  – “One Ray of Sunlight” (previously unreleased)
  • Ray Charles & Norah Jones  – “Here We Go Again”
  • Ani DiFranco – “Manhole”
  • Sarah McLachlan  – “Adia” (single version)
  • Beth Nielsen Chapman  – “Sand and Water”
  • Hunter Payne  – “How Do I Die for You”
  • Blind Boys of Alabama  – “Freedom Road”