Espresso machine makes your coffee, and plays your music


Do you like a little Mozart Erykah Badu your morning espresso? How about ‘The Roots’ and a latte? Mos Def and a macchiato? Jay-Z  and a cappuccino? A new concept in espresso machines will not only make your coffee, but it will play your favorite music, choosing the selection based on the type of coffee you are brewing.

Designed by In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song of the Metatrend Institute, the machine links together a coffee maker featuring a docking station and an Android mobile phone. It can use the Android technology to inform the user about the coffee, its taste and scent, or surf the web to download music files.

The phone stores personal preferences that are recognized by the coffee maker. The machine can read bar codes specially printed on coffee packet to get information on the coffee and link it with the information stored on your phone. So, if you do like Mozart with a particular type of coffee, that is what will play. If you are looking for an office coffee supplier New York check here. You will get exactly what you have requested.

The bar codes are programmed with QR-enabled codes, which is a matrix code developed by Japan-based Denso Wave in 1994. The QR code was created to more intuitively understand the wants of a consumer.

The device was highlighted on Yanko Design, a Web magazine that showcases modern international design.

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