McDonalds recalls 12 million Shrek glasses

The fast food joint Mcdonalds has recently recalled approximately 12 million Shrek glasses. One of the main reason that they recalled them is due to a metal toxic called cadmium contained in the Shrek object. Shrek is a film that many children loved to watch on a regular basis. There are several characters called Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, and Shrek from the Shrek film that appear on the glasses. 

Mcdonalds is going to offer a refund on all of the glasses that have been sold. You are able to get your money back on the recalls. Check back for further updates on refunds. 

Cadmium can be dangerous when you are exposed to it on a long term basis. They were concerned about small children being exposed to the toxic metal cadmium so it was in their best interest to recall all of the Shrek glasses. 

Shrek glasses are a popular collectible item. McDonalds is not going to sell anymore Shrek glasses due to danger reasons regarding the metal toxic cadmium. McDonalds is a popular fast food joint frequently visited by children that love to play in the playroom. McDonalds have kid happy meals that bring joy to children. Mcdonalds is a fast food joint that is really dedicated to making children happy. They have tons of playrooms across several of the chain stores in the United States.

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