BP Oil reaching the beaches of Florida

Gooey balls of oil began washing up on the white sand beaches of Pensacola Beach, Fla.

For more than 40 days, hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil every day have been unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, swimmers at Pensacola Beach rushed out of the water after wading through a sea of oily tarballs.

Beachcombers inspected the clumps of oil, took photos of them and children played with them on the shore, the Associated Press reported.

The situation is worse in Louisiana.

“Brown pelicans coated in chocolate syrup-like oil flailed and struggled in the surf on a Louisiana island,” according to the Associated Press, “where the beach was stained in hues of rust and crimson, much like the color of drying blood.”

President Obama will be down in Louisiana for his third boots-on-the-ground update, but not everyone is impressed.

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