Undelivered mail from the 90’s found in Michigan garage shed

A shed full of undelivered mail dating back to the 1990’s have been found in a shed in Michigan.

Postal worker, Earl HIcks, 66, was charged with stealing mail after his sister found it in the shed behind his former home and called postal inspectors. Investigators found 544 pieces of mail and around 3,000 ads.

Hicks used to be the mail carrier in Oak Park in Detroit. He stashed the mail in the shed behind his home in Algona, Michigan starting in the 1990’s and left it there after he retired and moved to Cape Coral, Florida. 

Hicks told investigators that “he was on a tight schedule and quite often would not begin his deliveries until after noon.” He said he felt overwhelmed by his route and was afraid he would lose his job if he came back to the post office with undelivered mail. 

In an affidavit, Hick’s wife, Joanne, said that her husband was a hoarder who couldn’t throw anything away. Hick’s is still in Florida and has not been summoned back to Detroit. 

Last year James Stempnik, Jr., a postal carrier had kept 20,000 pieces of mail and was not charged, and Jill Hull, a postal carries was put on probation after pleading guilty to keeping 9,0000 pieces of mail in a storage unit.

And the police are still searching for David Blauser, a postal carrier that disappeared and 20,000 pieces of mail was found in his garage.

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