Has the oil from the Gulf Oil spill made its way to the Hudson River?

Scientists are speculating the oil from the Gulf Spill may have an opportunity creep it’s way up the Atlantic coast due to a “loop current”.

This loop current which is part of the Gulf Stream carry’s warm water from the Gulf of Mexico through the narrow strait between the peninsula of Florida and Cuba up the Atlantic coast. Scientist fear that some of the vast amount of oil that has already spread throughout the region may seeped into the current making it likely for the oil to begin reaching areas such as the Florida Keys first, before rounding up around the south east coast.

But is it likely that the Gulf oil spill will have an effect on New York City harbor?

Many of the people of New York City seem optimistic that our shores will remain free from the ecological mess that has already begun to plague many natural habitats of the Louisiana coastline.

Others think it up to Mother nature to protect our waters but with her we have not had many opportunities to have odds in our favour.

Nevertheless only time will tell if New York City harbors will be mixing it up with the crude substance. For now we can only enjoy the view and hope Mother nature and technology has our back.

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