Blackberry 9800 Slider Phone [Video]

Here’s a great treat for everyone anticipating the upcoming BlackBerry 9800 Slider phone! (Myself included) The Berry Fix got its hands on the great video below that’s a wonderful four minutes long and showcases the splendor and glory of the latest from RIM, as well as OS 6.0.

The video shows a great big AT&T logo, confirming the rumor that it will show up on that network first.  It then goes on to showcase a touchscreen that doesn’t have SurePress.

After fiddling around in the music and video menus of the Slider, we’re given an example of the phone’s home screen search and YouTube integration.

The Webkit browser shows off a little bit of pinch-to-zoom, and after a short glimpse of the touch keyboard, we get to see the physical one in action.

With every bit of information that is released on this phone, the anticipation continues to grow!  Here’s hoping the rumor that AT&T customers will be able to use the phone next month will prove to be true!

[The Berry Fix]

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