Radical Muslim Group Warns South Park Creators of Death

According to the AP,  A radical Muslim group that was outraged at South Parks’ depiction of the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. The South Park episode which aired last week was the 200th, and was set to feature  many of the character the series has had on the show. In 2006 after the contreversy surrounding a Danish newspapers caricute of teh religous leader, South Park was going to shine a little humorous light on the issue, but that show was eventually banned. This isn’t the first opposition of the depiciion of the prophet Muhammad in western media, but it is the first high publicised case with a major threat of  death.

The posting which was made on the website RevolutionMuslim.com made reference to various residences of the two South Park creators, trey PArker and Matt Stone, as well as the address to the offices of their California production company and the New York Comedy Central offices. The posting also showed horrific photos of the 2004 death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh who was murdered for a film he was involved in which was written by Muslim woman who rejected Muhammad.