BlackBerry 9650 release date on Verizon Wireless leaked

After months and months of wondering and waiting we finally have an actual release date for the BlackBerry 9650!  Screenshots have been leaked of the online Equipment Guide for Verizon Wireless employees that gives all the specifications of the newest Bold member, as well as a release date of May 27th.

A brave Verizon employee threw caution to the wind and sent CrackBerry the picture above, where we can clearly see his user ID has been sent to corporate security.  There’s no end to BlackBerry loyalty.

Upon review of the equipment guide, you’ll see the specs of the phone.  The trackpad and WiFi capability can’t really be seen, most likely because of a cut off of the picture, but they’ll be there.

BlackBerry fans and Verizon customers can now rejoice that there’s an actual date to look forward to! I speak from experience when I say that these equipment guides are spot on when it comes to accuracy.  Even though it’s not an official announcement from Verizon, this picture is pretty much the next best thing we can get.

If you’re excited that there’s finally a date to the 9650’s release, or you’re still upset that it’s taken this long to get the phone out there, let me know in the comments!

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