Racial Discrimination: The Reality Show [Video]


Perspective is one of the items that is missing from the national conversation on race. It is the lack of interest in fully appreciating the African American point of view when it comes to racial issues that has so many Americans clamoring for a “post-racial America”, where they can conveniently ignore or sidestep many of the truths that Americas history of discrimination contains.

It’s had me kind of hot lately.

So you know me – I had to say something about it.

And since I know that the real deal about the civil rights movement was this — despite all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the movement for decades, it wasn’t until the pictures of the vicious brutalities being perpetrated against black Americans by the citizens of this nation began to circulate across the country and around the world that public sentiment began to sway in our favor.

This is just one more step towards “taking back the narrative”, with the kind of imagery that will make you really stop and think about what I’m saying.

This year’s theme here at Brown Man Thinking Hard is “taking control of your own narrative”. The narrative is not just an academic sounding term that comes to mind whenever you watch a movie or read a book – it is the narrative that underpins every kind of communication we engage in, whether it is in person, via phone or text message. Whether it is a news show, TV commercial, or sales pitch. Even our religious beliefs are guided by the narrative form. Practically every religion in the world is built around stories of trial and triumph, of outer struggle and inner peace, which are the same elements that any writer in any arena strives to use to the best of his ability.

By: Kris Broughton

The Brown Man Thinking Hard