iPad expected to put Kindle and other e-readers to rest


Many industry insiders are speculating that the upcoming iPad will take over the e-reader industry, leaving the Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers in the dust. Los Angeles industry analyist Paul Mueller tells us that he believes this can definitely happen.

“When Apple puts effort towards something, they usually win in big numbers. Apple is expected to widely plug the iPad as the perfect device to view books. Even though there are better e-readers out there, that doesn’t matter. It’s the Apple marketing.” Mr. Mueller believes all the other e-readers could be obsolete in the next year or so.

We don’t understand how the iPad can be viewed as the ultimate e-reading solution. The appeal of all the other e-readers is the digital ink and a background that resembles that of an actual book. The iPad will have bright LED lighting that could cause eye strain. However, it might be cool to read an iPad book and be able to click on video or web links while reading. What do you think, readers?

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