Mexican Cartels behead and torture Americans in Mexico


Depicted above are five gruesome beheadings believed ordered and carried out by MDC’s in Mexico.

One of the most dangerous Mexican Drug Cartels (MDC’s) known as the Gulf Cartel orders kidnappings and murders of Americans. What most Americans do not know about is that Americans have been kidnapped and murdered on both sides of the Mexican U.S. Border by Mexican Drug Cartel orders. Case in point the feds arrested suspected cartel kidnapping murderous gang members who are accused of taking American victims from Texas to Mexico where they were tortured, held for ransom and in this case — killed. The trial for alleged kidnapping ring member Luis Alberto Avila-Hernandez started before U.S. District Court Judge Randy Crane in McAllen Texas last week with out much fanfare or main stream media attention.

In still other cases the MDC’s have reached deep into the United States to kill Americans. MDC’s known member Jose Daniel Gonzalez was murdered on American soil in El Paso Texas. Gonzalez according to law enforcement was acting as an U.S. Government informant feeding important information about several Mexican Drug Cartel families to the feds. The cartels smuggled contraband into the States and also brought in assault rifles like AK 47 from Mexico.

According to Alicia A. Caldwell with the APNewsBreak reported that the eight bullets that killed Gonzalez outside his home just doors from the El Paso City’s Police chief’s own home. The hail of automatic gun fire was fired at close range and left little doubt about their message.
Gonzalez, a Juarez cartel lieutenant shot on his quiet El Paso cul-de-sac last spring. According to court records Gonzalez was indeed working for ICE officials as a confidential informant at the time of his ordered assassination.

Sources close to the investigation has told the U.S. Border Fire Report that this maybe the first substantiated assassination carried out by Mexican Drug Cartel hit men although there have been others suspected assassinations in Phoenix, Alabama and elsewhere in the states. The feds suspect his slaying is the first time assassins from one of Mexico’s violent drug gangs have killed a ranking cartel member on American soil.
Caldwell’s report indicated that experts told her the murder represents a growing brazenness of the cartels on this side of the border that will most likely lead to more deaths. And it has.

In this latest case involving MDC’s ordering kidnappings and murder several witnesses have testified against Avila-Hernandez, including the relatives of victims and his co-defendant Gerardo Zamora-Espinoza. The Associated Press reported that Zamora-Espinoza testified that the kidnappings where committed on the behalf of the Mexican Gulf cartel’s enforcers. Zamora-Espinoza told jurors that the body of kidnapping victim Daniel Ramirez, Jr. was “cooked” on a ranch in Mexico.

Court records show that Ramirez was kidnapped from his Country Village Store outside off FM 88 and 13 Mile Line north of Weslaco Texas in August 2008. A criminal complaint filed against Avila-Hernandez shows that the kidnapping took place because Ramirez refused an offer to work with the Gulf Cartel.

Avila-Hernandez acted as lookout outside the store and helped drive Ramirez to a ranch in Mission where he was held before being taken to Mexico. The Associated Press reported that Zamora-Espinoza’s nephew ran the kidnapping ring.

Zamora-Espinzoa testified that his nephew told him they were “cooking the body” of Ramirez at a ranch in Mexico. Ramirez was killed even though his father had paid $40,000 out of a $100,000 dollars ransom demand. But court documents obtained by Action 4 News show that Ramirez was not the only victim.

The group is also accused of kidnapping Antonio Gonzalez in August 2008 where they demanded $30,000 dollars and a vehicle for his release. The ring also accused of kidnapping victims Sergio Cepeda and Adrian Trevio in September 2008. The men were held at a home in Mission where one of the ring members tortured Trevio by hitting Trevio’s ankles and wrists with a hammer. The kidnappers are accused of using a rifle to hit Cepeda’s genitals. They held Cepeda for ransom for $40,000 dollars and two vehicles.
Many more kidnappings and gruesome killing’s of Americans including the abduction and murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena have been carried out by orders of the ruthless Mexican Drug Cartels both in the U.S. and Mexico.
From Brownsville Texas to San Diego California Mexican cities bordering American cities are where most Americans are being killed by assassination and execution. But other Americans are being killed by the long arm of the Mexican drug cartels which reach deep into America. There are accounts of Mexican drug cartel surrogate terrorist’s invading the U.S. by crossing the porous international border and killing Americans in Dallas Texas, Atlanta Georg, New York City, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, and is believed to have reached Shelby County Alabama where five people were found murdered gangland style by Mexican nationals.

Many Americans were kidnapped in the U.S. and taken to Mexico where they were murdered. Still other Americans were abducted and slain in Mexico while visiting, others where shot gangland style in country. Dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped, or held hostage, or killed by their captors in Mexico and many cases remain unsolved. Moreover, new cases of disappearances and kidnap-for-ransom and Americans being killed continue to be reported.
Authorities say still other kidnappings and murders go unreported out of fear of retaliation from the powerful drug lords in Mexico.

Names of Americans murdered in Mexico:
Ashley Lynn Dininger
Carey Marcella McClintock
Austin Kane Danielsen
Josefina Houghton 
Reynaldo Valdez Jr. 
Rico Armando Banuelas

Missing and suspected murdered Americans in Mexico number in the hundreds.


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