Reality TV show featuring celebrities’ ex-mistresses in the works


Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the television…..

According to, a reality TV show featuring the ex-mistresses of celebrities is in the works.

And the ex-mistress who’s leading the efforts is hoping Jamie Jungers, one of Tiger Woods’ ex lovers will be part of it.

Sarah Symonds, who claims she was celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s mistress for seven years, is promoting the idea for The Ex-Mistresses Club.

Symonds, 38, who has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show, is writing a book and even played host for a sex advice radio show in Los Angeles. Symonds also claims to have had a brief fling with married British ex-politician turned author Lord Jeffrey Archer.

After seeing Tiger’s mistress on the Today Show, Symonds said she related to Jungers.

Symonds told “I saw a young girl that reminded me of myself in many ways. She was very vulnerable and then I spoke to her on the plane going home, she was very upset by the way people were thinking of her.

“The idea is to get women out of these dead end relationships because I never hear from women who are having a good time. Society never blames the man. We obviously feel sorry for Tiger’s wife but we don’t know what their marriage was like. “I think it’s gross that he had so many women — to have one each day he could use. Then again we don’t know what the basis of their marriage really was. We also don’t know what type of wife she was, maybe she was a brilliant wife that didn’t deserve any of this or maybe she spent all her time with the kids and never gave Tiger the attention he needed.”

According to Symonds, “The girls were all the opposite of his wife. They were all sort of younger party, buxom girls and his wife was a ex-model, very classy, so it’s very interesting.”

No word yet if Escondido High grad Jaimee Grubbs, who also claimed to have been linked to Woods, has been invited to be a part of the show.

So the question is….would you watch such a show?

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