Tiger Woods and Healthcare: What are the similarities?


Sometimes current events can make strange bedfellows ( pardon the pun, Tiger) and with healthcare reform and Tiger Woods being the two biggest stories in the media lately, there are some interesting parallels.
Both have been grossly mismanaged from day one. Obama mismanaged health care in a million ways, and Woods mismanaged the news of his accident and the reason for it.

Both Woods and Obama have not only seen their approval ratings drop, with Woods over his sex life, with Obama over healthcare and both can be traced back to dangerous liaisons.

For Obama his dangerous liaison and fatal flaw was deciding to try and have a relationship with Republicans who were vowing to stop healthcare any way they could. They even said specifically they wanted to stop healthcare to break Obama. So that might be viewed as a self-destructive relationship. So both the problems with healthcare reform and the problems with Tiger Woods’ life are a result of stupid relationships from the beginning and thinking they could get away with it. Obama trying to have a relationship with Republicans was as stupid as Woods having relationships with 13 women while he was married and thinking he could get away with it.

Woods now stands accused of cheating on his wife and Obama’s liberal supporters are accusing him of cheating on them. In fact both the AFL-CIO and SIEU, two unions who supported Obama now say they feel “used” by Obama.

With revelations that Woods was cheating with nightclub hostesses and two porn stars, both Woods and Obama now find themselves in compromising positions publicly, Woods with 13 women, Obama with Joe Lieberman.

And both the Tiger Woods story and healthcare reform have been filled with misinformation provided by the mass media.

The media told us the public option was dead, then alive, then dead again then alive again then dead again. They told us finally the Democrats finally had a deal,, then no deal, then a deal then no deal again. They told us most Americans are against a public option even though polls showed 59% were for it.

We were also told by the media that Woods’ sponsors would stick by him. One “expert” told us that Woods caught cheating on his wife actually made him more human and would make him even more attractive to sponsors ( that was ad man Donny Deutsch).
But Woods sponsors are bailing out in droves.

Healthcare reform and Tiger Woods are both in a lot of trouble, and both in danger of going down. Liberals and conservatives are furious with Obama. Woods’ his wife and some sponsors, and even some of the women he cheated with are furious with him.

In spite of all his mistakes Woods is trying to save his marriage. In spite of all his mistakes Obama is trying to save health care reform.

And it’s also starting to look like neither Tiger Woods and his wife, nor the health care bill are headed for reconciliation. Even though that might be the best thing for both. And both may never be the same or come back to what they once were.