Chris Brown Calls Jay-Z a Cornball

Looks like Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent aren’t the only ones taking shots at Jay-Z.  We can now add Chris Brown to that list.

Apparently, Chris Breezy tweeted “cornball” earlier tonight, which just so happened to be while Jay-Z was accepting an award at the AMA’s. The timing was impeccable.  Chris Brown deleted it shortly after, but not quick enough for people to miss it.


Once he recieved backlash after deleting the first message, he posted another tweet


Makes you wonder if all those Jay-Z supposedly blackballing him from performing at the BET Awards  rumors were true after all.  He just keeps digging himself a hole deeper and deeper.  If only he would just man up and admit to calling Jay a cornball instead of being a coward and deleting it.

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