Canibus Still Going at Eminem.


Looks like Canibus is trying to re-start his past beef with Em by releasing a new diss song in which he attacks Eminem’s image and even makes fun of him for “Warning” Mariah Carey. In the new 5-minute song, Canibus raps

“You push D12 to the side — if Proof was alive, he’d be dying inside. You ain’t no hip-hop messiah, you a b*tch ’cause you dissed Mariah, sh*t like that’s supposed to be private/I’ma fry you on behalf of Mariah and Michael, put you back on them drugs, make you suicidal/You can’t shut the record down, n*gga it’s vival/When you use the word n*gga, just remember your idols…Devil in a red dress on MTV, you signed more black people than a basketball team…Slim Shady you a coward because you scared to rap with me, the only black man you respect is 50/And the greatest rapper of all time was dead right, but you’re dead wrong/You shouldn’t have even been on that song…”


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