Mike Tyson arrested at LAX after an altercation with a photographer


Mike Tyson was detained at Los Angeles International Airport this afternoon on suspicion of battery following an alleged altercation with a photographer, the LA Times is reporting. The incident happened about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday in Terminal 7 at a United Airlines ticket counter..

According to multiple reports, Tyson was being photographed as he arrived at LAX with his family. He lashed out at the unsuspecting photographer.

Airport spokesman, Sgt. Jim Holcomb says the photographer has accused Tyson of hitting him. The photographer, who has not been identified, fell to the ground and cut his forehead. He’s being treated at a localhospital.

Holcomb says both Tyson and the photographer want to press charges for misdemeanor battery. He says Tyson was compliant and cooperative with officers and is currently waiting in a holding cell at the airport.

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