Eminem to release Hiphop Horror Movie?

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More details surrounding Eminem’s upcoming “Shady Talez” hip-hop horror film have landed online, suggesting that the rapper will not only star in the film but portray multiple different roles in it. According to music director Josefph Hann, Eminem should easily be able to handle the pressure. Being an 3-D anthology, Eminem will have to play a different role in each of the three parts of the film plus write a comic book series for Marvel to compliment the release.

“Having worked with him so many times, the thing people don’t realize is that he’s a fantastic actor. He actually stays in character on set. He’s a method actor, like Daniel Day Lewis,” Hann says.

Eminem will also produce the film which is set to be released next year. Described as a between The Twilight Zone and Creep Show, the movie will also be produced by DJ Classicz. Keep in mind that Dennis Dennehy, Eminem’s publicist, said that nothing is set in stone yet.

“There’s been talks,” he said, “but [I] can’t confirm anything yet.”

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