The Game R.E.D album pushed back to 2010


Just a day after saying that his new “The R.E.D.” album would be pushed back, Game has now officially given it a new release date all the way in 2010. “R.E.D. album’s new release is 2/16/10 If for some reason the date changes I will holla at y’all . had to push it back so that me & Dre can wrap it up the right way !!!” Game wrote on his twitter yesterday (November 4th) Game then went on to talk about working once again with Dr Dre.

“Last night at the ‘AFTERMATH HEADQUARTERS’ was Classic !, ” he wrote last evening. “Me, Stat Quo & Dre got it in all night. Aftermath. Community Service is “GARBAGE” !!!” Game even gave more details on his new album writing “R.E.D. gotta track from RZA last night that was amazing….. now all i gotta do is KILL IT !!! aight. headed to the headquarters to get it in…. 1 blood ! R.E.D.”

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