The Life and Times of L.N.J- “Reflections”


The Life and Times of Little N*ger Jim

by @jimflamez

“Gazing into the mirror at an unrecognizeable reflection, critical
inspection, to find new direction. My only real objection is the loss
that follows, the pain that swallows your soul until you realize that
pain is your motivation, your donation to those who you have hurt
past. How long will this transition last and how many shall fall
victim to uneasiness and tension, not to mention the prevailing
thought that I must push further than before to explore the
complexities of my simplicity while not to over look the simplicity of
my complexities. Overshadowed by large mistakes and failings, the
positve goes unsung like a song unwritten, once bitten by the reality
of my circumstance I understand my lesson and walk perilously toward
the edge of consequence unable to tear the old picture from this new
frame.” (c) @jimflamez

I say write these words to remind myself of the need to understand not
oly what you face on a daily basis but you must recognize the issues
which you as an individual must resolve to be a more beneficial member
of our society. The words that I write on this page and on others
(follow @jimflamez on twitter) are reflections of how i feel and what
has happened through my view in the world today.

My mindset is often one of challenge and distractions so often those
feelings are spilled to you the reader. Struck by the raw emotions of
unsettling times I am some what of  commentator on such. I hope that
the words I write in some way inspire, motivate, humor, provoke
thought and bring to the forefront issues that paramount to our
success as a people. Even the little anecdotes and exaggerations are
there to bring for some form of reaction.

These words are written in the hope that you reflect upon yourself and
your situation knowing that it is he or she who reflects that is more
able to recognize what must me done to move forward. You must make the
first step as must I to reconcile our needs as individuals and a
community as a whole.

Today I write this column to inspire and motivate us all to reflect
upon the words, the actual lyrics, of the music that we choose to
listen to. More important than the music that we listen to, i would
like us to reflect upon the music that we play around the children.
Our children and the children of others. These same children are a
reflection of us. We put out what we take in and that is by our own
choice, but the little ones depend on us to feed them. Think about it.

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