Republicans Continue To Lie About Health Care.


John Boehner said in a statement, in no uncertain terms, that the American people do not want a public option. Given that Boehner is probably not dumb and knows how to read that leaves only one other option — the one that Republicans and conservatives use the most whenever they don’t have the facts on their side. They lie.Over and over again.

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor lied when he said Americans have soured on the Democratic health care reform bill and the public option when every poll shows the majority of people want it. In fact a new Wall Street Journal poll taken Tuesday again shows a majority want the public option

Lying is not new to Republicans. Whether its running for office or trying to promote or oppose legislation, they do what has worked for them in the past and that is lying. They lie so often and about so many things that its become an almost pathological part of their politics and what it is to be a conservative.

It was lying that resulted in whatever election successes they’ve had since Reagan, who, in spite of policies that were disastrous for America, policies that we are still paying for, he was sincere and honest.

Republicans won a senate race in Georgia by lying about Max Clelland a Viet Nam war vet who lost both legs and an arm and still managed to get elected a US senator. But that didn’t stop Republicans from running commercials calling him unpatriotic.

Bush and Cheney lied the country into a war in Iraq. They lied about Valerie Plame after they damaged national security by blowing her cover. They certainly haven’t had any legislative successes as evidenced by the disasters they caused during their control of the government.

Now, on the verge of losing the health care battle, Bohener lies again about what America wants in terms of health care reform and hopes, as it states in the fascist handbook, that if you lie often enough and big enough there will be those stupid enough to believe you. Its worked for them before and they are hoping it will work again.

Why else would John Boehner make a statement that is so provably false everyone knows it?

There is a problem though this time. The Republican track record. And the fact that the American people are clearly deciding to pay more attention to what Lincoln had to say than John Bohener. And that is, you cant fool all of the people all of the time. But that won’t stop them from trying.

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