Snoop Dogg on WWE Monday Night Raw [Video]

Raw guest host Snoop Dogg was scripted to announce the new special attraction singles matches in the opening segment to boost interest in the show up against ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Of course, in typical Snoop Dogg fashion, he made an entrance with Eve and the Bella Twins in tow.

Prior to the match, Snoop expressed to MTV how much he loved wrestling and what was to come.

“I’m going hard in the yard with the WWE,” said Snoop, who’s been an avid follower of wrestling since he was child. “I’m a big fan of wrestling. They want me to take over the show, so I’m going to take over the show and do what I do. In the meantime in-between time, I’m setting up the biggest match ever, Triple H versus John Cena. Oooh weee!”

Since Snoops album ‘Malice In Wonderland’ is set to drop December 8, this was a great opportunity for publicity leading to the album release. Throughout the night, they also played“Gangsta Love” featuring The Dream.

Wrestlers must have taken his skinny demeanor as something to not be intimidated by, but everybody’s uncle had something in store for the likes of one Chavo Guerrero. Coming to the aid of Hornswoggle, Snoop proceeded to assert his force as the host by laying Guerrero out with a clothesline and following it up with a spear.

As is with the rapper and his addiction to particular medicines, the Doggfather made sure to take a little time to enjoy pleasures of the herbal scents as the program needed to deal with some temporary technical difficulties.

It’s good to see that the likes of Snoop can continue to step outside his box and broaden the horizon for Hip-Hop. Whether it be for the publicity or purely for the love of the sport, everything counts.

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