Could Ahmadinejad’s Secret Be Out?


If these entries of what many believe to be the childhood diary of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are verified as true, then it would seem that the fiery Iranian President’s consistent attacks and hateful statements towards the Jewish people have a far more personal source.

Here is the Full Story

The following excerpts from are Ahmadinejad’s childhood years.The first entry was written when Ahmadinejad was 6, two years after the family converted.

March 1,1962

Dear diary,

I had a playdate with Ali and asked him what he got for Hanukkah and he had no idea what I was talking about. At first I thought it was that his parents were mean and didn’t give him any presents. But then I realized he actually didn’t even know the holiday existed. He’s so stupid. Who doesn’t know what Hanukkah is?

March 3, 1962
Dear diary,
I was telling my mom I don’t want anymore playdates with Ali because he’s too stupid for me to associate with. I thought my mom would agree since she and my dad put such a premium on education and intelligence. But then my mom told me that actually most people don’t know about Hanukkah because most people don’t celebrate it. She told me to keep it a secret that we do. I asked her why and she said she’d tell me later. I wonder what it could be. I’m very curious, skeptical and analytical by nature, so it’s driving me meshuggah.

March 7, 1962

Dear diary,
My mom told me that a few years ago my parents did this thing called conversion where they stopped being Jewish, kind of and started being Muslim, kind of. But I’m not supposed to tell anyone because I could get the family in trouble. It’s a family secret, so that’s why I’m only telling you, dear diary. Other family secrets are Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Purim and the fact that we eat hamantashen which I thought was a national delicacy since the whole Purim thing takes place in Persia, which is, of course, present-day Iran anyway.

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