When SNL starts knocking Obama, you know he’s in trouble.

Last Saturday night, SNL did a skit satirizing Obama’s lack of accomplishments since he’s been president. It wasn’t all that funny ( the video is below) only because the writing wasn’t too funny. In fact it was pretty lame as far as satire goes, but what made it so pointed was that it was true.

Obama has done little to nothing since he’s been President, especially since the TARP and other economic bills designed to shore up the banks was created by the Democratic congress while Bush was still President. Obama retains ownership of the stimulus but it still remains to be seen if it will be effective.
On health care reform he has so far been an unequivocal disaster, taking an issue like the public option which, according to polls back in June, had more than 70% of Americans supporting it and made a mess of something that was really a no brainer. He still has Democratic members of congress privately complaining bitterly at how Obama has made this harder than it had to be.
But the fact is that a satire on Obama’s lack of accomplishment could have been written during the Democratic primary. Obama was the least accomplished candidate for President in history, and, second to  George W.Bush, easily the least qualified. He voted “present” over 100 times as an Illinois state senator, choosing to vote neither for nor against something showing he is either terminally indecisive or views every decision in terms of politics.  He even joked to a Chicago Tribune reporter at a book signing, ” maybe I ought to go back to the senate and actually do something”.
As a US senator could point to no accomplishments either. But the press didn’t want to deal with any of these things during the Democratic primary or the general election. There were mass dishonesty by journalists from Jonathan Alter at Newsweek, many of the writers at the Huffington Post, NY Times. many at the Nation, and on MSNBC and CNN, all who decided to turn a blind eye to Obama’s drawbacks.
The question raised during the primary was that Obama didn’t have the experience or anything in his background to show that he was ready to do the job. The Obama campaign , Obama himself and the DNC countered with the assertion that Obama has proved he was ready from day one to be President.
And now many of his supporters seem to be wondering what’s been going wrong.
He can salvage his first term and avoid being a one term president by seeing to it that healthcare reform with a public option gets passed. Afghanistan and Iran are going to be  thorny problems but if he cant get Democratic senators who are not on board for the public option not to oppose it, that could be the end of his presidency. And that’s no joke.

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