OhMyImFly.Com’s Barack/Michelle Obama T-Shirts


Barack Obama has transitioned from president to pop culture icon, with his likeness appearing on everything from t-shirts to trinkets.

The wildfire spread of unofficial goods can partly be attributed to the popularity of Obama’s message, but not entirely; we’ve had popular presidents before.

What we haven’t had before, though, is a president with such a strong brand right out of the gate. Obama’s camp was also the first to completely grasp the potential of the internet as a vehicle for campaigning and have done a better job harnessing it’s viral and social natures than any of it’s competitors.

Few politicians have inspired such an amazing array of t-shirts as Barack Obama. One of the my favorite Obama tees has to be from OhMyImFly.Com. They have launched their updated line, that includes the popular Obama tee, a Michelle Obama tee, and the brand new Michael Jackson tee.  And best of all, they only cost $25.oo.

Go check them out and get yours now!



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