Nelly Says He’ll Be Releasing An Album Next year


Nelly recently announced his plans to release a solo self-titled album which Nelly says will feature the return of his St. Louis rap group, the St. Lunatics. Although he wanted to release it this year, Nelly says the new album should hit stores in the first quarter of next year.

”I definitely got a new project, we were trying to get it out before the end of this year but it looks like it’ll be at the top of next year,” Nelly revealed in an interview with DJ Semtex. I just wanna make sure it’s right, and it’s definitely coming. The album is bananas so be ready. I did a little bit of different [sounds]. I worked with my man Polow [Da Don], I’ve worked with Play-N-Skills, we did this joint with Akon that’s crazy. The joint I did with Polow, I did with Plies on it. I got a joint that I did with Sean Paul that’s crazy, as well as my family, as far as the Lunatics goes, my little brother City Spud, he’s no longer locked up no more, he’s out…[The title] is just Nelly. I don’t want to say it’s the ‘best’ album, but just get ready.”

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