The Life and Times of L.N.J: Are You a Teacher?


The Life and Times of Little N*ger Jim by @jimflamez

Via the the Internet and social media outlets I am known as Jim or “Supa Nigga” but, like Clark Kent, I have an alter ego. During the day I serve as an instructor at a local community college and also I am a full time Doctoral student and small business owner. Needless to say I am a busy young man and I would like to think a productive and positive citizen.

At my job I seem to be the only black male instructor (recently confirmed) and feel that I am known a bit. It might have something to do with the fact I just might be the loudest voice in the building. Recently I have been trying to get this book for my class from the library so that a few of my students who haven’t been able to get their books can look at it a few hours at a time. I have stopped by the library at least once per week trying to get this issue resolved…and yesterday, I just had to shake my head.

The usual lady that I talk to about this issue was not in the library but the guy that is always in the back listening in on what we are talking about was. He knows who I am. So when I approach him about what is going down I expected him to underdig. This cat hit me with the extra smug, interrogative “Are you a teacher?” YES muthafucka I am a teacher, are you an ass? Can a younger negro with locks be educated enough to present lectures to classes for them to learn from…I think so. But I
digress, on to more important matters.

President Obama, I know that bringing the Olympics back to the United States and more specifically to your adopted home town of Chicago is important, but I find it difficult to swallow your going to Denmark to fight for Chicago when I feel that you may need to go to Chicago and fight for the lives of young men and women who are being taken from us in unacceptable numbers. Also what will you do about all of the lower income and minority families that will be displaced by building the Olympic village on the southside?

This is all I will say about the issue ’til I learn more, but rest assured, this Little N*ger is on the job.