Want the public option? Just call 202-224-3121


The Senate finance committee defeated an amendment for a public option by a vote of 13-10 with three Democrats, Baucus, Lincoln and Conrad voting against it. But the latest CBS poll now shows 65% want a public option as part of health care reform.

The best way for those who want the public option (which according to polls is the majority) is to call their representatives in Congress or the Democratic senators on the finance committee and simply tell them you want it.It’s the best way to beat the lobbyists and those who oppose it.

Baucus, who voted against it while having nothing but praise for Schumer’s public option amendment said he voted against it because he didn’t think there were 60 votes in the senate “at the time” to pass it. But he agreed it was something worth having and he supported it ( the logic of politicians). Conrad also said good things about the public option amendment but is still holding out hope for his own version which is a co-op which has no chance of passing.

But every member of congress is sensitive to their constituents. The number above, 202-224-3121 is the Capitol switch board. You do not get a recording. You get a real live person who will switch you to any member of congress you ask for.

A call to your own member of congress will get results ( whether you are for it or against it by the way). There will be other amendments with a public option to be voted on and there will no doubt be a bill on the senate floor which will have a public option. How senators vote is going to have more to do with what their constituents want than anything else.

So as they say on late night TV, call now. Only you don’t need to have your credit card ready Only your voter registration card.

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