Mad at you, Mad at me, Mad at Us……


(Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak / September 25, 2009)

We’ve all by now seen the vicious tribal assault that took the life of young Derrion Albert. If not goggle it because I don’t want to link such brutality. Shit like this is real hard for me to attempt digest. It makes me think of the dumb things I’ve done and violence I’ve allowed to happen. It makes me wonder if some people are beyond saving. It’s always been said that we have been more successful at eliminating each other then slavery, segregation and police brutality combined. I can only pray for this boy’s family and hope they can channel their emotions better then I know I could if it was my loved one that was murdered.

In the City that gave us Obama, politically speaking, we get the harshest of reminders that for every one of us that reaches to the top there are still so many more floundering at the bottom.


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