The Life and Times of Little Nigger Jim: Be A Nigger Too!


The Life and Times of Little Nigger Jim
by @jimflamez

Many of you may be under the impression that Little Nigger Jim has
been just that, a little nigger, lazy plus shiftless. I implore you to
believe that this is not the truth. The truth is, Jim lacks balance in
his life. Jim does too much…way to much and Jim needs to prioritize,
organize, compromise and all that shit if he plans to be Trey Song
featuring Drake. (Successful…I laughed,  shit was funny to me.)

I also realize that at a certain point you have to begin reevaluating
not only your priorities but also your relationships. Last night I
came to the conclusion that it is not healthy to give and give while
you are not regularly receiving. The lack of balance is as destructive
to you as not balancing work and play or what you eat. This all leads
to resentment which naturally will lead to relational discord anyway.
I will not tell anyone where they have failed in the past, because
past is just that…past. My mission is to find balance and peace
going forward. So I will only confront the imbalances that occur post
this writing.

Now with all the personal, philosophical and relation bullshit out the
way. Let me get at some of these scalps. Kanye West, come on man you
doing the absolute utmost out here. I shall now dub you “Sean Coonery”
for your absolute lack of self restraint.

Barack Obama, you could prolly talk a whore off her knees, but I still
don’t believe you….you need more people. As I listened to you on
Labor Day speak to a large group of union workers in Cincinnati, Ohio
I was impressed by your oratorical prowess and how you run straight
pimp hand game on the audiences which come to see you. You could say
“bitch, where is my money” and grown men to children would start to
empty their pockets. I’m sorry POTUS but I refrain from drinking the
Kool Aid for I can still see your puppet strings and the nuanced
entanglements which have and will in the future make the sweeping
changes you have promised these hard working, salt of he earth
Americans unobtainable. That and I only drink water, juice and
alchohol regularly for at least the last half of a decade. I hope that
you can get somethings done man, I really do but I hope for the best
and prepare for the worst.

Last but definitely not least , I realized my love hate relationship
with Walmart and Micheal Jordan is linked. Just think about it. Think
of how they saturate the market with their product. Think of how there
respective brands are globally recognizeable. Think of how arrogant
they both are and how money hungry the both are. Walmart will sell out
it’s workers to cut it’s bottom line to offer you lower priced and
lower quality goods which in turn leads to higher profit margins. Look
at how Micheal Jordan will continue to endorse a sneaker at a price
point that leads some to rob, steal and even kill for a pair. (Usually
kids) As much as I find these things repulsive I still found myself
going to Circle Centre in Nap (Indianapolis, Indiana for those who
don’t know…Go Horse) before school to spend my 175 on the newest
pair of J’s when I was in High School and going to Walmart to buy the
office furniture from which future columns will be written.

They are both the best at what they do and what they did, they are
both great marketing brands and true capitalist. You don’t have to
like either of them or even support either in any way, they know they
will do just fine without you. Maybe I would be better off if I had
the same mindset when it comes to my dealings…I think I really must
have forgotten what I already knew. Thanks go to Sam and Mike for the
inspiration and reflection.

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