Some Schools and Parents Plan to Ban Obama Speech


Next week Tuesday the President plans to address the school children of the nation, asking them to take responsibility and empower themselves through their pursuit of an education. This seems like something most rational people would be able to agree on and support but apparently this is not the case as many people are expressing varying levels of concern. Some parents go as far as to say that their keeping their kids out of school that day. Some of the rationales given were statements like,  “I voted for McCain/Palin.Why would I want him speaking to my child?”

Yes, a deep thoughtful stance that was, but wait it gets better. Florida’s chair man of the Republican party, Jim Greer said he would  “condemn President Obama’s use of taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.” You see what happens when you give people a new word to play with. The mind set is pretty simple and while its beyond played out to most of us, the tried and true Obama opposition will attach socialism to any topic or issue to justify them not supporting it. OK, we get it, “Obama bad.”

But truthfully think about it. Who wants their child to be directly spoken to and possibly inspired by the “cool, black president?” We all know that Rebulians like their leaders slow and droopy. As New York City was attacked on 9/11 then President Bush was trying to reading to school children. No problems there apparently. All jokes aside their are many that will never give an ounce of credit to Obama for anything he does,  or worse yet they will treat anything he does/attempts as the undercover work of the Anti-Christ. America has been losing ground educationally on the a global scale for a long time now. And anyone looking to return a stronger focus on the teaching and development of our kids deserve that opportunity regardless of political affiliation.

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